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Grow Biointensive Video

Here is a wonderful video to really get a look at what an incredible movement charity seeds supports! “GROW BIOINTENSIVE was developed by John Jeavons and Ecology Action. It has been successfully used in 142 countries around the world. This film was produced to further a global movement toward biologically‐intensive sustainable farming and the work […]


G-BIACK Tackles More Than Hunger

The Grow Biointensive Agriculture Centre of Kenya, along with caritas seeds, have a main focus in giving people in poor communities a sustainable end to hunger. G-BIACK also acknowledges the fact that poverty creates very serious issues other than malnutrition. Poor communities in Kenya are living in pretty harsh environments that pose a plethora of […]


G-BIACK Knows Education is KEY!

The GROW BIOINTENSIVE Agriculture Center of Kenya has already made huge strides in teaching hungry people in Africa how to work with their harsh environment and grow sustainable and nourishing food. The tools that G-BIACK has given to many people has changed lives. They have recognized the huge impact simple education has, especially on young […]

Beans and Corn A Plenty.

We all have staples in our diets. There are foods that pop up in almost every other meal. In the United States, we know what fruits and veggies are most popular, and farmers have studied and figured out ways to grow these common plants with great efficiency. Discovering what agricultural techniques work best for one’s […]

Birthdays Can Change The World!

More than a billion people on the planet don’t have access to food. That’s one in eight of us. Mark Soth had a great idea! He is giving up his birthday and is asking for donations instead of gifts. 100% of the money raised will help grow sustainable small-scale farms for food security in Kenya. […]

Why We’re Thankful

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’ve been thinking of all the people in the world for whom we are thankful. Mostly, we’re thankful for caritas seeds donators, whose collective action to provide sustainable solutions to hunger serves as a constant blessing for countless families in Kenya! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts, and we wish […]

Photo of the Day: Children in Kenya

Update from the field: OTEPIC – Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre OTEPIC is a registered community-based organization that works with poor farmers, especially women, in the Western North Rift of Kenya. Through grass roots development work, we improve food security and soil fertility and empower communities. Educating women effectively improves the standard […]