Beans and Corn A Plenty.

We all have staples in our
diets. There are foods that pop up in almost every other meal. In
the United States, we know what fruits and veggies are most
popular, and farmers have studied and figured out ways to grow
these common plants with great efficiency. Discovering what
agricultural techniques work best for one’s location is what
farmers in developing countries need to do to have more bountiful
produce yields. And G-BIACK (caritas seeds’ partner) is on it! The Grow Biointensive Agriculture Centre of Kenya (G-BIACK) is working with around 60 farmers to study different growing techniques for two of the most important crops in Kenya: Maize (or as many know it, corn) and Beans. The farmers are looking at different plant placements such as planting the corn and beans in the same hole, intertwining the seed placements, or separating the plants all together. They are also studying different soil qualities to
really see what is the best practice for the best production. G-BIACK is looking at what works best for Kenyan plant varieties and then spreading the word to the locals to ensure more food production for every family. These amazing steps taken by G-BIACK and the awesome results that follow are exactly what caritas seeds wants for every hungry community around the world. With research, education, and a little Mother Earth love, we canone-up world hunger.

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