Charity Seeds’ Partner, G-BIACK, Hosts World Food Day and Receives NGO of the Year!

World Food Day, or WFD, is a day celebrated all over the world to spread awareness about world hunger and what ideas and tools exist to put a stop to the madness. World Food Day is October 16, which is the date when United Nations founded the Food and Agriculture Organization.

This year, G-BIACK (Grow Bio-intensive Agriculture Centre of Kenya), Charity Seeds’ partner in crime, held a big bash for this celebratory day. Over 450 people, ranging from inquisitive farmers to curious children, came to G-BIACK to witness the incredible work being done. For most farmers in the region this time of year, nothing is being grown. It is simply too dry. However, many were shocked to see G-BIACK’s crop’s to be lush, green, and full of life.

G-BIACK has the tools and knowledge to grow sustainable food at affordable prices for small scale farmers AND be gentle on the environment. Not only is it very exciting that 450 people were exposed to G-BIACK and the education and positive impact it can have on their lives, but because of this, G-BIACK was awarded NGO OF THE YEAR!!! But this shouldn’t be a surprise. G-BIACK has helped over 5,000 people gain food security in their lives. It is a beautiful thing, people! And this is what caritas seeds loves to hear!

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