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Charity Seeds is a non profit organization that works to provide organic gardens to people in need. In particular, Charity Seeds believes that working with local partners makes sense in many ways.  The Hogares Claret Foundation, a Colombia based non-profit, seeks to integrate individuals back into society who have experienced varying forms of trauma, including but not limited to the effects of the recent civil war. There are currently over thirty orphanages in the foundation and to achieve their goals, the Hogares Claret Foundation utilizes a number of therapeutic measures, such as meditation, equestrian interaction, education and now wants Charity Seeds’ healing gardens to fill a major role in their program. The gardens not only bring fresh organic food to the children at the orphanages, it provides another option for the children to work with the earth and plants and empower them for the future.  Yet, according to the director of the foundation, Father Gabriel Meier, it is love that is the absolute guiding philosophy of the organization. Father Gabriel has been the guiding light for these children and now Charity Seeds wants to contribute to this wonderful foundation. Colombia is turning to a new  page and is rewriting its future for the children to flourish.

First Garden at Hogares Claret

The first healing garden has been planted and harvesting will soon follow and with the help of the above non-profits, the garden will provide a number of benefits for the community of individuals, particularly the youth, of the Hogares Claret Foundation. It is our intention to develop a vegetable and fruit garden that provides both psychological and nutritional benefits. According to Father Gabriel, the founder of Hogares Claret Foundation, the proposed garden project will be utilized in an effort to aid in the healing process of involved individuals by incorporating the act of gardening into the therapeutic curriculum. The garden will be a training garden that will continue to grow new gardeners in sustainable organic methods and permaculture. This will be a model for the thirty other orphanages to follow. Trainers will continue to expand their skills and pass on their knowledge to the thousands of children waiting for the opportunity to learn.

Learn: Aprender

Grow: Crecer

Thrive: Prosperar

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