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Just $20 a month can feed a family forever

Charity seeds brings gardens to schools.
100% of your monthly donation brings food security to children in need.

Give Monthly. 100% grows farms.

Each $20 monthly gift can provide a new family of four with a farm that can feed them forever.  That’s food security for an additional family every month!

Each $100 monthly gift can provide 5 new families every month with a farm that can feed them forever.

Per Month

100% Goes to Farms

100% of your donation will directly fund farm projects in developing nations. 100%. How does that work? Private donors fund our operating costs so you don’t have to.

Your donation will be used for direct costs associated with the farm projects such as: salaries for trainers, seeds, trowels, shovels, and compost training.

One-Time Donation

Each $20 can provide a family of four with a farm that can feed them forever.

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Volunteer Your Time

Charity Seeds is about people. We are a community that believes in the power of volunteering to enrich our lives and the world around us. Take the lead and use your talent to find creative ways to raise awareness.

A small donation can feed hundreds of children by bringing gardens to schools and orphanages.

No child should have to go to school hungry.

We’re Looking Out for Our Donors

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

Your donation to charity seeds will be Tax Deductible.
We are a 501(c)(3). Your contribution is tax deductible. Need more information?


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How Your Donation Will Be Used

 It is through your donations that charity seeds is able to make the impact it does today. Our non-profit passes your donation directly on to our certified trainers enabling them to educate families and provide them with the necessary tools and materials to make their small-scale farm a success. This in turn positively impacts the community who reaps the benefits from their successful community members.

Spreading Awareness

We spread awareness and create accountability when it comes to our donors. We find and bring back stories of communities in need, and the amazing work being done on the ground. We then work to raise money so that work can continue and double, often triple in volume. We try to give a voice to families in need, bringing back their stories to the people here who have the ability to help. We then provide a direct way people can give, ensuring that 100% of the money reaches those in need.

Working With Our Partners

We take your donation and pass 100% of it down to our partners in different countries including the United States. They use that money to send certified trainers and buy the necessary supplies to grow small-scale organic farms. We take it one step farther and stipulate that they also must use that money for direct project costs, separate from their administrative needs. We then send photographers along with charity seeds staff and volunteers to check on the projects and bring back photos and video of the communities you’ve helped.

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No child should go to school hungry. A small donation can bring a garden to orphanages and feed hundreds of children.