G-BIACK Knows Education is KEY!

The GROW BIOINTENSIVE Agriculture Center of Kenya has already made huge strides in teaching hungry people in Africa how to work with their harsh environment and grow sustainable and nourishing food. The tools that G-BIACK has given to many people has changed lives. They have recognized the huge impact simple education has, especially on young people from poor families, orphans, and girls with abusive backgrounds.

So they have moved forward with their educational programs targeted towards these groups, and are working with people to give them hands on skills in dress making, basketry, beadwork, and other crafting techniques that can improve the quality of life.

Almost 100 boys and girls have taken part in these programs and have gained tools to lead a fuller life.  And thanks to generous donations, the program is growing and more girls and boys will be able to take part in this awesome movement in creating a sense of self-sustainability.

BUT! G-BIACK is always looking for help from anyone who wishes to contribute. They are in need of sewing machines and other tools to keep the program as effective as it has been.

Contribute to caritas seeds and you will be giving second chances to these communities in need!

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