G-BIACK Tackles More Than Hunger

The Grow Biointensive Agriculture Centre of Kenya, along with caritas seeds, have a main focus in giving people in poor communities a sustainable end to hunger. G-BIACK also acknowledges the fact that poverty creates very serious issues other than malnutrition. Poor communities in Kenya are living in pretty harsh environments that pose a plethora of problems for people without proper housing, clothing, and hygiene. One problem G-BIACK is addressing is the little red mite larva called a Jigger. And these little critters like to make homes in your skin. One of their favorite places to hide is under the toenails on children who play outside, but who lack the luxury of owning a pair of shoes to protect their feet from the Jiggers. The Jiggers will infest their poor little toes, causing the child pain, then eventually leading to the child not being able to walk around. And if a child is in too much pain to walk around their home, by no means are they going to make the trip to school. And this is what G-BIACK wants to help put a stop to. Not only does G-BIACK help with the removal of Jiggers (which entails suffocating it with antiseptic and hydrogen peroxide), but they are also looking for ways to get kids in need hooked up with a good pair of shoes. Shoes can help prevent the Jigger problem all together. When Jiggers are hurting people’s feet, they won’t walk to school. And when they can’t make the walk to school, they can’t gain the education and knowledge to better their lives with work and agriculture skills. So when one contributes to caritas seeds, we make sure G-BIACK is supported in these important efforts. Because of the work done, we can see how simple changes make a world of difference.

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