Our Work & Our Partners

It is the goal of Charity Seeds to not only provide sustainable and organic food to those in need, but to do so through sustainable projects implemented by excellent partners in the countries where they work.

G-BIACK in Kenya

The Grow Biointensive Agriculture Center of Kenya, demonstrates, trains and promotes sustainable organic farming methods among small-scale farm holders in Central, Eastern, and Nairobi Provinces in Kenya. Eradicating poverty and improving the living standards of communities by promoting sustainable livelihoods is the center’s aim.

The center sits on one acre of land in Thika, Kenya. It is designed as a model farm for small-scale farmers. It has over 160 double-dug beds, all planted with different types of organically grown crops. Soil fertility is continuously improved through the use of compost from the center’s gardens. The staff trains small-scale farmers on sustainable ways and methods of increased food production.

Outreach Program

G-BIACK helps homeless, orphaned and abandoned children by teaching them sustainable organic farming methods. Many impoverished girls and boys go to cities to seek employment. All too often they become lost and end up selling their bodies, which puts them at risk for HIV and AIDS.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel & Peris Nderitu, Directors of G-BIACK are dedicated in giving these children hope. They have designed a six-month program for the children. The program started with 12 children and has quickly increased to 24 children. And the number will continue to grow. The youngest girl is 13 years old, most with one or more children of their own.

G-BIACK rescues, trains and helps these children become self-reliant. Once trained on how to grow food sustainably, they go back to their original communities with the skills of self-sufficiency. They can also teach their family, friends and neighbors what they have learned. This will transform the community and help it thrive.

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Why Do We Work Through Partners?

Our partners on the ground have spent years researching the terrain, learning and perfecting the skills of biointensive farming and integrating within the culture in the countries where they work. caritas seeds relies on their experience and knowledge to ensure sustainable programs. In our travels, we’ve met exceptional people, doing life-changing work through well established organizations.

What we felt they needed most was additional funding to expand their outreach and scope. So we started caritas seeds to help the already existing non-profits do even more. Partners that have been in the area for years, know the language and customs of the people and have mastered the terrain. They know the in-depth food issues facing the communities as well as which approaches to biointensive farming work best and are suitable for their specific region.

Our Partners In Kenya

  • Kilili Self Help Project

    20,547 projects completed

  • G-BIACK (Grow Biointensive Agricultural Center of Kenya)

    1,706 projects completed

  • Manor House Agricultural Centre

    100,000 projects completed

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