Outreach Programs: Kenya

G-BIACK Center in Kenya

G-BIACK helps homeless, orphaned and abandoned children by teaching them sustainable organic farming methods.  Many impoverished girls and boys go to cities to seek employment. All too often they become lost and end up selling their bodies, which puts them at risk for HIV and AIDS. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel & Peris Nderitu, Directors of G-BIACK are dedicated in giving these children hope. They have designed a six-month program for the children. The program started with 12 children and has quickly increased to 24 children. And the number will continue to grow.  The youngest girl is 13 years old, most with one or more children of their own. G-BIACK rescues, trains and helps these children become self-reliant. Once trained on how to grow food sustainably, they go back to their original communities with the skills of self-sufficiency. They can also teach their family, friends and neighbors what they have learned. This will transform the community and help it thrive.
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