Project Update: Grow Biointensive Agriculture Center of Kenya

Hi everyone!

It’s been a week since I left Fairfield, IA for Thika, Kenya. And what a week! I’ve been cruising on the back of motorcycles with African dust blowing in my face.

I have not had a cup of coffee since I arrived. Chai is my new drug! No sweets either (or scones), only fruit from the trees. I have lost most of my desire for sweets and all for coffee (and perhaps Cafe P.  ) And I’m determined more than ever to bring small-scale farms to schools.

G-BIACKWe began our project with the first school with 1000+ students attending. This is going to be a monster task and Sam is a true warrior and feels we will be able to feed all the students. I took before and after photos and will post soon!

After this project begins, I will travel 9 hours to another school with only 68 students. This hopefully will become a model for the students to take back to their villages.

It is through your donations that https://charityseeds.org/ is able to make the impact it does today.


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