It is the goal of Charity Seeds to not only provide sustainable and organic food to those in need, but to do so through sustainable projects implemented by excellent partners in the countries where they work.

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Uganda Refugee Camps Get Organic Gardens

Once upon a time, in the heart of Uganda, nestled between rolling hills and barren landscapes, there existed a network of refugee camps. These camps were a safe place to hundreds of thousands of people who had fled their homes in search of safety, leaving behind the familiar to embark on a journey of uncertainty.

Among the refugees was Amina, a resilient woman with a heart heavy with the weight of her past. She, like many others, had fled her war-torn homeland, seeking refuge in Uganda. Amina’s village had been torn apart by conflict, and the constant threat of violence had forced her to make the painful decision to leave everything behind.

Life in the refugee camps, while offering a semblance of safety, presented its own set of challenges. The crowded conditions meant limited resources, and access to good food, clean water and sanitation was a constant struggle. Families like Amina’s lived in makeshift shelters, where the canvas walls did little to shield them from the harsh weather that alternated between scorching sun and torrential rain.
Jobs were scarce and the children were malnourished. Education for the children was a priority, but the overcrowded schools lacked proper facilities and qualified teachers. Despite these challenges, Amina held on to the hope that her children could one day have a brighter future.
Yet, amid the struggles, there was a resilient spirit that permeated the camps. Communities formed, and families supported each other, sharing stories of resilience and survival.

Organizations were there to help and worked tirelessly to provide assistance. Charity seeds with the help of some devoted organic farmers offered training to the refugees. This glimpse of hope was enough for some families to open up and learn how to regenerate their soil, save seeds and share the knowledge. They began to plant organic gardens that were once thought to be impossible. Now hundreds of families have fresh organic food in their yards.

As the sun set over the refugee camps, Amina and others like her held on to the hope, while standing in an abundance of green leafy veggies they would be able to live in peace and never have to worry about feeding their family again.

Our Partners In Uganda

Our partners on the ground have spent years researching the terrain, learning and perfecting the skills of biointensive farming and integrating within the culture in the countries where they work. caritas seeds relies on their experience and knowledge to ensure sustainable programs. In our travels, we’ve met exceptional people, doing life-changing work through well established organizations.

What we felt they needed most was additional funding to expand their outreach and scope. So we started caritas seeds to help the already existing non-profits do even more. Partners that have been in the area for years, know the language and customs of the people and have mastered the terrain. They know the in-depth food issues facing the communities as well as which approaches to biointensive farming work best and are suitable for their specific region.

  • Kilili Self Help Project

    20,547 projects completed

  • G-BIACK (Grow Biointensive Agricultural Center of Kenya)

    1,706 projects completed

  • Manor House Agricultural Centre

    100,000 projects completed

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