An update from the field: Grow Biointensive Agricultural Center of Kenya (G-BIACK)

caritas seeds: biointensive farming training

Reaching Out To Women Farmers in Kenya: Agriculture is the back bone of Kenya’s economy where 90% of the population are farmers. You may be surprised to learn that 70% of Kenya’s farmers are women. Women are left to perform most duties at home while men move into cities and towns to look for jobs and employment. They also have so many widows with HIV/AIDS who must manage to take care of themselves and their families alone.

G-BIACK’s primary purpose is to promote sustainable biointensive methods of farming. In the past month, G-BIACK has carried out massive trainings and follow-ups in order to prepare farmers for the next planting season. Our aim is to see a joyful day when no woman suffers from the lack of food to feed her family.

So far in 2010, G-BIACK has trained 743 women in biointensive farming methods and other initiatives to sustain themselves and their families. G-BIACK offers special trainings on kitchen gardening, nutrition and income generating activities like tailoring, crafts, and small business management.

Be one of the first supporters of long-term solutions for the women in Kenya by donating.

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